Al Capone and the saint valentine massacre

The 14 of february a enemie gang was killed by the gang of al capone


Dialogue between Eliot Ness and Al Capone

Scene 1

Extra 1: Mr Capone to Room 7        

                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Capone enter the Room whistling paliachi)

Ness: Hi mr Capone

Capone: Hello mr Ness 

Ness: I will go straight to the point. What where you doing in the morning of the 14th of February

Capone: I Was in the shop buying some magazines

Ness: What tipe of magazines 

Capone: just cultural magazines

Ness: what did you do next

(Capone remember about that day)

Scene 2

Extra 2: It Was a good hijack

Extra 3: yes, Capone must be very angry

(Capone knocks the door)

Extra 2: Who is there?

Capone: Me

Extra 3: who is me? 

Capone: your Worst nightmear

(Capone enter the Room and start shooting then run out off the Room)

Scene 3

Ness: Mr Capone wake up

Capone:Ok, ask whatever you want

Ness: I know you where the criminal of saint valentine

Capone: everybody knows it

Ness: No but in a couple more hours everybody will know it

Capone: everybody will know it unless I kill you

(Capone takes out a knife and start getting near Ness but then a guard enter the room and knock out Capone)

Scene 4

Extra 4: Last minute News the criminal Al Capone has been arested here is a note.
Scene 5 

Extra 4: Criminals they always lose




14th of april 2015


Last night I was with my friend Jerome walking in the street searching for a prey, two hours later we found two girls on the street.we crouch near them behind a trash can but then I notice that they were vampires to so my friend went convince them to go hunting with us but they refused because they were in a hurry so we went search another prey. 3 hours later finally we found the definitive preys. Where a group of kids with no more that 14 years old in the midle of the street the group Was of 4 kids. Then we went near them and start bitting they necks sucking out their blood. They fell down and then we come back home. 



Apollo was son of Leto and Zeus. When Hera discover that she banned
Leto for giving birth in “terra firma”
So Leto give birth to Apollo on the island Delos.
Hera kidnapped Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth, to prevent Leto from going into labor.

Apollo in ancient greece Was the god of music.

Apollo had long hair, have a complete human body, Was egocentric.

Apollo with 4 days old killed the dragon Python. 



DEAR Perdro Perez ,

ABOUT A WEEK AGO I START classes the past week we don’t work a lot but this week we start studying the grade that i am now is not difficult in some subjects but other subject are very difficult. Here in ViƱa everything is ok but there have been a lot of changes.

In school I do not have to any problems with anyone and anything.

How its been your entrance to school? How difficult are your subjects? Do you have a problem with anyone in your school? How is everything in Santiago?

I will go to Santiago next week so do you want to meet again in whatever place you want like costanera center or in a football pitch or in a tennis court I dont know you decide.

I Hope we can meet.

With nothing else to says goodbye 

Your friend Marcos.

PS:Dont forget to reply me bye.